Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alla Turka update and your opinion

I just finished Alla Turka part 4 and now am caught up! I am really enjoying this piece plugging in a few specialty stitches, but mostly just going with the flow of it and enjoying the design.

I have hit a problem and I am asking you; gentle reader and fellow stitchers, to help me. I have been leaving out small parts as I stitch with the idea that the Chocolate brown might be too overwhelming by itself. I wanted to add an accent color for little touches (inside the birds, a few small diamond shapes inside motifs. I just can't decide which color. The fabric is a mellow orangy-pink (the yellow in the pic is a result of lighting I think, not part of the fabric) the stitching I've already done is a rich chocolaty brown. I have narrowed it down to two colors- a Pinkish and a deep blue, but which one to use? I like both colors so much I need help!
Please post a comment or email me direct with your opinion! Thank you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

little tiny give-away

Hi all! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend, whether you celebrate it or not! Our weather here was gorgeous and we spent Sunday in the park with my hubby's family and friends, maybe 45 people in all. Nice day!

Anyway, I have a tiny little give away that I will send to a person drawn from the comments to this post. I stitched up this pattern by Pine mountain a month or so ago. It came with DMC threads which I used and a charm, which I didn't use. I am giving away the pattern and the charm (and maybe the 6 DMC floss colors if I'm inclined to stop by the craft store) to some lucky stitcher. I did use the tuck pillow, so sorry, no pillow included, but this pattern is very cute and quick and would look darling finished without the pillow!
Please email me direct at or post on this blog. I will draw on April 28th, 2 weeks from today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Alla Turka Update, STASH and a new start

Ahhh! I've been a stitching fiend lately! Last weekend I got to join my stitching group at a LNS for a bit of stitching and shopping! Here's a pic of my stash:
Pretty much just stuff to round out some projects I've picked out, Some threads for a Barbara Ana design, some linen (40 count!) and yummy silks for a CH sampler I want to do, and a neat little bookmark kit. These cute little floss organizers too. I had the baby in tow and while she was reasonably well behaved, I didn't get much stitching done. Hopefully i'll be able to go without her next time! I did manage to finish my part two of Alla Turka - Here's a pic! I've moved onto part three and am already almost done I will post a new pic once I am.

I've also started a new little sampler, couldn't resist this one from Little House. This pattern came with the CC threads and I'm surprised at how much they gave me - I think they are full skeins. I've stitched the beehive already and easily have enough threads to do a second! I'm really enjoying this quick stitch, so maybe I will do it again, or maybe I'll share the wealth..we'll see!

Happy stitches, happy spring!