Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updated Mary, LLL and Crochet news

So I've been busy reading and stitching. Here's my Mary:

My other current WIP La di Da's Live Love Laugh. Love this piece although I'm getting a bit wishy washy on my color selections.. thinkin a bit of red might have been a good idea... I subbed the white for the red and it's looking to be a bit much to me. The green and blue were original to the pattern, but i modified the shades to go with the tones of the hand dyed linen I'm using.

Now I've always wanted to knit, particularly to knit socks. I'm not sure why, but it really appeals to me on a deep level. I've crocheted since I was a little kid, but knitting always eluded me. I've had people try to teach me, and I can do it, slowly, but I feel awkward and clumsy at it while I can crochet fast and barely paying attention. So my super stitching buddy (who knows how to knit) and I decided to try it together. She took to it like crazy and whipped out her first pair of socks ever:

Aren't they cute? I unfortunately, am a doomed knitter. How do people do it when they have little kids? My toddlers took turns destroying any progress I made, pulling my needles out, unraveling, even bending my double ended needles to look like parenthesis! So I've bought all this sock yarn, I've longed for the comfy warmth of knitted socks, I've ached to make them myself but I'm coming to terms with the fact that it just might not be in the cards for me. I did pick up a book at the knitting and yarn show on crocheted socks and I'm attempting that now... I will update you if it works out! Another thing I picked up at the yarn show is a pattern for a crocheted stuffed bear.. I've already made two of them! They are super easy and quick to make.. probably only about 4 hours of crochet. I got the pattern from this organization called The Mother Bear Project. It's a charity organization that sends hand knitted or crocheted bears to Africa for children orphaned by Aids. What a sweet idea! Next time I will post more and a pic. Happy stitches!