Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have been stitching on my two current pieces: Here's updated pics.
This simple little sampler has been frog infested and I'm getting frustrated with it. I love the theme of it, but for some reason I keep having brain farts when I stitch it. LOL!
I have to say that I am LOVING growth rings so much! I can't wait to finish it
and start another Ink circles design! Its my piece of choice 90 percent of the time. My toddler boy is potty training so I have to drop whatever I'm doing about 50 times a day to rush him to the bathroom LOL, so this piece is easy to pick back up, get a few stitches into and then drop again if I need to.

In this pic I've put the threads I'm working with for the main circles and then the yellowish combo that I'm going to use as the accent color. What do you think of that combination? Thank you to everyone who gave me the advice on Alla Turka! I'm going with the pink - I've got the part 6 on it and I'm going to stitch that part and then go back and add all the pink touches to the first 6 parts. I'll post a pic when I do. My stitching group meets on June sixth and I'm clear to go. Even though that's soccer tournament weekend for the kiddos I lucked out and all our games are on SUNDAY! Yea!

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